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Heroic Conversations

Using The Solution Focused Approach with 'Hard Problems'

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is one of the most powerful, proven methods for helping your clients achieve real growth, and resolve their most complex issues… even those clients that seem completely unwilling to solve their own problems. The fact they even walked into your office in the first place is PROOF that they’re willing. The Solution Focused Approach is a question based approach so, professionals must be skilled in asking questions that produce useful responses and evoke the client’s heroic traits.

Solution Building Couples Therapy 

Love is the most powerful emotion there is, far stronger than hate and fear. There is nothing in the entire world like helping a couple rediscover their love as they move away from common relationship problems and towards their heart led dreams. That's why I am doing a free online workshop about using the Solution Focused Approach with couples, a process I call "Solution Building Couples Therapy".

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Helping Any Client With Any Problem

Though the Solution Focused Approach is simple in theory, it's actually quite challenging to use effectively with clients. Especially when they are facing significant life challenges and problems. The truth is, this approach is effective with any client, regardless of their problem but the professional has to have a mastery of this approach, and that's exactly what you'll get from this webinar.

Keys To A Thriving Private Practice

Keys To A Thriving Private 

I have a tremendous passion for helping mental health professionals in their work and part of that is helping them to run a successful private practice. For several years I had a completely practice and mastered how to market and grow a practice. These days I no longer work in full time private practice but I want to share what I learned so that others can have success in their business and freedom to practice while being paid well to do so. That's what this lecture is all about.

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